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Jimmy Henchman admits to having Suge Knight shot in 2005

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Jimmy Henchman admits to having Suge Knight shot in 2005

Jimmy HenchmanAll these years, Suge Knight was made to be the villain of the rap game. There were so many stories told about how Suge Knight ran Death Row and the infamous Vanilla Ice story. Who would’ve thought Jimmy Henchman was the real person to fear this entire time?

Following the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards in Miami, Suge Knight got shot at a party that was hosted by Kanye West. Suge Knight battled Kanye West in court over the situation for six years until he lost the case. It has been one of the more interesting feuds in the history of hip hop.

Two years ago, Jimmy Henchman was revealed to be a drug lord who used his management company as a front. Since then, evidence has piled in pointing to him being behind Tupac’s 1994 shooting, deaths of G-Unit associates, and much more. Now, according to The Smoking Gun, he had Suge shot in Miami.

The Smoking Gun said an associate of Jimmy Henchman came forward and revealed he was paid $10,000 to shoot Suge Knight at the party. Immediately after the shooting, he says both he and Jimmy Henchman fled the party, but he did not know what his motive behind having Suge Knight was.

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