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Joe Budden warns rappers against dissing him on Twitter

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Joe Budden warns rappers against dissing him on Twitter

Joe Budden KONYMaybe except for a few people, no rapper has ever been dissed as often and by as many artists as Joe Budden. Back in 2009, Joe Budden was getting dissed by all the biggest rappers in the game, especially the veterans. Now, following a decade of being underground, Joe Budden is back in the forefront of the game.

Joe Budden finds himself in a position where he is both one of the most-discussed rappers over both music and personal life. This year, Joe Budden put his personal life out there for the whole world through “Love & Hip Hop.” On the show, Joe Budden reunited with his ex-girlfriend, Tahiry Jose.

Recently, Joe Budden placed himself in the middle of the Kendrick Lamar/”Control” situation and dropped his own edition. Things have cooled in the time since then, but people may still want to take their shots. In response to all of this, Joe Budden got back on his Twitter to issue a response.

Joe Budden tweet 2


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