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K. Foxx talks Joe Budden/Consequence feud with Hot 97 [VIDEO]

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K. Foxx talks Joe Budden/Consequence feud with Hot 97 [VIDEO]

K. FoxxBy The Hip Hop Writer
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An extension of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop” drama has been New York radio. Primarily, Hot 97 has been covering “Love & Hip Hop” and is even a part of VH1’s new series, “The Gossip Game.” One personality, in particular, K. Foxx, is featured on the series. K. Foxx also was a major part of the series, “Love & Hip Hop,” and hosted the reunion show.

Yes, the end of the third season was stolen by the drama going on with Winter Ramos, who is currently pregnant, and Lore’l. However, the focal point of the series, in the eyes of the media at least, remained on the ongoing feud with Joe Budden and Consequence. At the reunion show, it was Consequence who attacked Joe Budden from behind.

Witnessing everything firsthand, K. Foxx talked about the experience. Vlad TV had the chance to talk to K. Foxx about the fight. In addition to K. Foxx talking about Consequence and Joe Budden, which she labeled a “sucker move,” she talked about Winter Ramos’ tell-all book. K. Foxx did not directly comment on her personal feelings on the book.

Watch the entire interview below:

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