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Kanye West explains “I Am A God” title with W Magazine

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Kanye West explains “I Am A God” title with W Magazine

On his newer rhymes, Kanye West certainly cannot say he “don’t do no press,” because he has done his second interview in a month. Earlier this month, Kanye West previewed his sixth album, Yeezus, with the New York Times. Now, Kanye West has sat down with the popular W magazine.

Previously, W magazine received a lot of press when they featured Kim Kardashian. It was during this time when Kim Kardashian originally was rumored to be romantically involved with Kanye West. During this time, there was nothing to report, but all of this obviously changed.

W magazine tackled the topic of Kanye West’s controversial single, “I Am A God.” Earlier, fans thought the title was “I Am God,” but this was not how it was. Instead, Kanye West said “I Am A God” and he explained the title came from being dissed by Paris Fashion Week for them inviting him to a major event to ban him from the others.

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