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Kanye West is grossing $1 million a show on the “Yeezus” tour

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Kanye West is grossing $1 million a show on the “Yeezus” tour

Kanye West 15All theatrics aside, Kanye West has made one point with his series of interviews, he wants to be a billionaire. Most do not associate Kanye West with business, they only associate him with rapping, thus the reason he’s so angry. Despite the struggles Kanye West has had with both the Yeezus album and tour, he’s getting money.

Kanye West has placed a lot of focus on his art, as he is delving into fashion. This fashion is being expressed in everything Kanye West does, from his rapping to his concert performances. On the Yeezus tour, Kanye West is showing off the art that he is designing himself.

But, what people are more impressed by are the numbers, as calculated by Forbes. At a time when Kanye West sees his popularity dropping off Yeezus, he has the perfect fix, his profit margin. According to calculations, Kanye West is grossing $1 million per show while on tour.

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