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Kelly Rowland experiences a wardrobe malfunction at Paris Fashion Week

Kelly Rowland has wardrobe malfunction at Paris Fashion Week

Kelly Rowland rose to fame, alongside Beyonce, as a Destiny’s Child member. While this often gets overlooked, Kelly was the first one to go solo. She linked with Nelly and they created the single, “Dilemma,” which became one of 2002’s biggest hits. While she’s not been as successful as Beyonce, she’s had a successful solo career. As a result, she was in Paris for Fashion Week. Unfortunately, she had a wardrobe malfunction while she was down there.

Kelly Rowland is a native of Houston and a childhood friend of Beyonce. Once it was realized that the girls could sing, the group was formed. The rest was history, as Beyonce and Kelly played their roles. In the end, this opened the door for both ladies to become superstars. Over the course of these past twenty six years, both ladies have had legendary careers. With both still being relatively young, they have much more history to make.

Kelly Rowland has become an overall icon in the industry. Not only does she do music, but also, she is doing acting and fashion. As a result, Kelly Rowland is likely to show up anywhere doing almost anything. In 2022, Jay-Z had a hilarious reaction to seeing Kelly on the red carpet of a movie she was starring in. Now, Kelly has had another moment that the paparazzi have picked up on. She was in Paris at Fashion Week, when she was smiling for the cameras. However, her top slipped a little bit.

Source: PageSix

Kelly Rowland has wardrobe malfunction at Paris Fashion Week

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