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Kendrick Lamar “king of New York” memes begin to hit the internet

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Kendrick Lamar “king of New York” memes begin to hit the internet

Kendrick Lamar 10By Agustin A. Iglesias
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Big Sean got all the marketing for Hall of Fame that he needed when he got Kendrick Lamar to appear on “Control.” This single also features Jay Electronica, but that’s been all but forgotten with Kendrick Lamar’s verse causing controversy. Going after all the big names in hip hop, including Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar is in the hot seat.

On the “Control” song, Kendrick Lamar declared himself the King of New York. This caused a bit of controversy, because not everyone even agrees Kendrick Lamar is the king out in Los Angeles. Either way, a lot of New York rappers feel the need to respond to defend their city.

Since Kendrick Lamar has named himself the King of New York, a lot of natives from the Big Apple have had commentary. On Instagram, a lot of memes are beginning to circulate that are taunting Kendrick Lamar. Let the games begin, as this meme includes the famous Jay-Z and Nas photo.

See the Jay-Z and Nas “Kendrick Lamar King of New York” meme below:

Kendrick meme

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