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Kendrick Lamar says “Section.80” is the most-relatable project of His Generation

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Kendrick Lamar says “Section.80” is the most-relatable project of His Generation

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For nearly ten years, Kendrick Lamar has been supplying the streets of Los Angeles with classic material. While Kendrick Lamar has enjoyed success on the local scale for years, his dream was to become internationally known. In 2011, Kendrick Lamar came close to turning that dream into a reality. The Los Angeles rapper built a strong buzz outside of his home city, and state, and more people discovered Kendrick Lamar.

In 2011, Kendrick Lamar released his Section.80 album, which was hailed as a classic by fans and critics. Once the album was released, Kendrick Lamar began building his fan bases around the world. While the album struck a chord with hip hop fans, Kendrick Lamar promises to have much more in store. The Los Angeles rapper said Section.80 is not his debut album, he is saving that for his 2012 takeover.

While Kendrick Lamar considers Section.80 as a continuation of his independent series of releases, he still feels the album is a classic, also. During an interview with Fly Times Daily, he discussed his album. Kendrick Lamar said Section.80 is the most-relatable project of his generation, which he said spans from 1980 through the present day in 2012. Everything in between those dates, “start to finish,” says Kendrick Lamar, is represented on his last album.

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