Kevin Hart tried on Jayson Tatum’s son’s jersey and it actually fit [VIDEO]

Kevin Hart put Jayson Tatum’s son’s jersey on and it fit him

Kevin Hart’s height is always a source of jokes, as most remember his commercial with Shaq. As a comedian, Hart made things like this a part of his routine. Now, he is reinventing himself as one of the leading media personalities. He’s getting interviews with the kinds of people most can’t reach. So he’s making each moment memorable. During a recent interview with Jayson Tatum, Kevin Hart tried on Tatum’s son, Deuce’s, jersey. Hilariously, the jersey was a perfect fit for Hart.

Kevin Hart is an avid NBA fan and is a huge supporter of the Philadelphia 76ers. A native of the city, he is always rooting for his team. In addition, he is often at many of their home games to show his support. As a result, he is guilty of sometimes getting into it with the star players from opposing teams. Given how good the Boston Celtics have been, these past few years, this puts Jayson Tatum firmly on that list. So, when Kevin had him on his show, they had to make it worthwhile.

Kevin Hart recently had an interview with Jayson Tatum for “Cold As Balls.” These interviews always insert a ton of humor, along with a real conversation. During the interview with Tatum, the inevitable jokes about Kevin’s height came into play. When they were conversing, Jayson began poking fun at Kevin over his size. As a result, he handed Hart his son, Deuce’s, jersey, and asked Kevin to put it on. In the end, the jersey fit Hart perfectly.


Kevin Hart put Jayson Tatum’s son’s jersey on and it fit him

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