Kevin James trends on social media, as images of him from “The King of Queens” have randomly been turned into memes

Kevin James photos from King of Queens have turned into memes

Kevin James is a fixture in the entertainment world and “The King of Queens” made him into a household name. The sitcom originally ran from 1998 until 2007. Almost instantly, the sitcom was regarded as a classic. James’ comedic timing and delivery as Doug Heffernan has kept the show on television, in syndication for years. However, random cast photos that Kevin took as Doug have taken the internet by storm.

Kevin James formed one of the last classic sitcoms, rounded out with a hilarious cast. Aside from the shenanigans that James’ character of Doug got into, other characters had hilarious storylines. A memorable secondary story came in the form of the late Jerry Stiller. His character of Arthur had a hilarious relationship with Patton Oswalt’s character of Spence. In addition, Oswalt’s Spence had an unforgettable crush on Leah Remini’s Carrie, who played James’ Doug’s wife.

Kevin James has been on television, daily, with “The King of Queens” since 1998. Every now and again, the show trends on social media, when one of the clips goes viral. However, some people right here on these social apps have made him go viral. They’ve taken the random stills he took as a part of cast photo shoots and made him into a meme. As a result, all kinds of jokes have been made, just based off Kevin’s grin.

Kevin James photos from King of Queens have turned into memes

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