Kim Kardashian is reportedly dating Odell Beckham, Jr., who was previously involved with her sister, Khloe Kardashian

Kim Kardashian reportedly dating Odell Beckham Jr

Kim Kardashian is one of the most notorious women in entertainment. However, she did it better than most of the women who came before her. While most famous women endured having a private video leak of them, Kim got famous after her video leaked. She parlayed the attention into a reality TV franchise and then married one of entertainment’s most famous men, Kanye West. After that, they built a billion dollar empire, and divorced. Now, Kim has been seen “spending time” with Odell Beckham, Jr.

Kim Kardashian isn’t unfamiliar with dating football players. Early in her rise to fame, she was dating the college football star, Reggie Bush. The two were together during his rookie season with the Saints. In fact, Kim was on set when Bush starred in Ciara’s “Like A Boy” music video. Not long after that, Kim K and Reggie called it quits. In the decade, plus, since Kim was with numerous men, with Kanye West being the most high-profile.

Kim Kardashian has been involved with numerous powerful and high-profile men. While Kanye West is the most prominent one, they’ve been over for two years. In fact, Kanye had three high profile relationships since, and has remarried. Meanwhile, Kim is finally back out there, according to reports. A few days ago, rumors began about her and Odell Beckham, Jr. However, many people have pointed out how he was spending time with Kim’s sister, Khloe, back in 2016.

Source: TMZ

Kim Kardashian reportedly dating Odell Beckham Jr

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