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Kobe Bryant responds to Drake’s “shootin’ in the gym” line

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Kobe Bryant responds to Drake’s “shootin’ in the gym” line

A year ago, most hip hop fans were chanting “bitch you wasn’t wit me shootin’ in the gym,” which Drake exclaimed on Rick Ross’ “Stay Schemin’,” alongside French Montana. At the time, Drake faced a major backlash over the tone of his album. The final straw came when Common dubbed Drake “Sweet” on his 2011 single and the two began trading disses.

Often referencing sports figures in his music, Drake mentioned Kobe Bryant and his then-impending divorce from wife, Vanessa. Some tried to make a big deal out of the situation, but Drake immediately stopped this from taking place. When the situation was brought up, Drake said he is friends with both Kobe and Vanessa and said he only referenced the situation and not the people.

One year later, Kobe Bryant is happily married and he took Drake’s lyric to task. Talking with his wife on Twitter, the “shootin’ in the gym” line was brought up. Kobe Bryant quickly responded to this, agreeing she was not with him shooting in the gym. Instead, she was at home raising his children while he became one of the NBA’s greatest players ever.

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