LaVar Ball gets clowned for showing off $1,850 Big Baller Brand exercise equipment, with LiAngelo Ball working out on it [VIDEO]

LaVar Ball clowned for $1850 Big Baller Brand workout equipment

LaVar Ball is the bombastic father of the Ball brothers, where LaMelo Ball is now the most-recognizable member of the family. While LaVar is very loud in the way he does things, he is also an innovator. Many players are opting to skip college and play a year of international basketball before declaring for the NBA Draft. This is what he had LaMelo go do. In addition, many players are skipping college for the G-League, which is what he had LiAngelo go do. Now, he has LiAngelo promoting his exercise equipment.

LaVar Ball often sparks controversy, but he is also often ahead of the curve. The same things people criticize him for have allowed him to build a reputation that’s solid. Thus far, Ball, Sr.’s comments about the Lakers have not panned out. However, he told the world that his youngest son, LaMelo Ball, would be a major star. Before Ball joined the Charlotte Hornets, few people were looking at that team. Ball joined the Hornets and had them in the postseason in 2021 and 2022.

LaVar Ball definitely has a star in LaMelo Ball. However, it’s unlikely that Lonzo Ball will ever play again, or be the same kind of player. In addition, LiAngelo Ball doesn’t look like he’ll crack a regular season roster in the NBA. However, LaVar has other opportunities for his family. Always working, he introduced some exercise equipment this week. For his pullup machine, Ball is charging $1,850, and has LiAngelo demonstrating. Among the jokes, people are saying “no” to this product.

Source: The Dunk Central

LaVar Ball clowned for $1850 Big Baller Brand workout equipment

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