Lil’ Kim facing lawsuit over “Dead Gal Walking” artwork

Last fall, Lil’ Kim dominated headlines with her “Dead Gal Walking” single. It was inspired by Halloween. A few days after the single came out, an artist took to Reddit to reveal the song’s cover was stolen from her. She ranted on Lil’ Kim and the artwork for the single was eventually changed.

It’s been a few months since the situation took place. Lil’ Kim has remained out of the spotlight since then. With the exception of a few posts online, Lil’ Kim has stayed away from the mainstream media. However, Lil’ Kim was forced to return to the focal point when news broke about her today.

Samantha Ravndhal, the Canadian artist, was revealed to be the poster online speaking out against Lil’ Kim. Now that she is back, Lil’ Kim is facing a lot more than being spoken out against, as she is facing a lawsuit. Ravndhal has hired a lawyer. She demanded Lil’ Kim remove the artwork, or face a minimum of a $150,000.

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