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Lil’ Kim releases new artwork for “Dead Gal Walking” single [PHOTO]

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Lil’ Kim releases new artwork for “Dead Gal Walking” single [PHOTO]

One of the many interesting comebacks of this year is Lil’ Kim, as she is in a good position to return. Her last time around, she came off as bitter and alienated a lot of fans. Leaving the past in the past, Lil’ Kim has given a lot of veteran advice to her artist, Tiffany Foxx, who has had an explosive year this year.

Lil’ Kim is putting together her first project in two years, Hard Core 2K13. A mixtape, the project is a sequel, of sorts, to her 1996 debut album, which is officially seventeen years old as of two days ago. On her current project, Lil’ Kim faced a bit of controversy, as she was accused of stealing the artwork for one of her singles.

The situation caused plenty of controversy online, but it brought a lot of attention to both Lil’ Kim and the “Dead Gal Walking” single. Released on Halloween, the song has done well. Lil’ Kim has since distanced herself from any controversy with new artwork for the record.

See the “Dead Gal Walking” cover below:

Dead Gal Walking


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