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Lil’ Kim talks influence on Nicki Minaj with TMZ [VIDEO]

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Lil’ Kim talks influence on Nicki Minaj with TMZ [VIDEO]

Since the mid-1990s, Lil’ Kim has been in the rap game. Had it not been for Lil’ Kim, the role of the femcee would have been nonexistent. During the late 1980s, the rap game was invaded by Queen Latifah and MC Lyte, among others. Of course, they picked up where Roxanne Shante left off. But, Lil’ Kim helped to usher in a new era with female rappers.

However, by the late 2000s, the female rapper was all but nonexistent, once again. Given her legacy in the game, most turned to Lil’ Kim to revive the game. Lil’ Kim had minor success in 2009, but failed to release her new album and then Nicki Minaj emerged. Initially, both Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown admitted they had issues with the newcomer, but Foxy later had a change of heart.

Lil’ Kim forced her way back into the game two years ago when she began hurling disses at Nicki Minaj. A pun on the Pink Friday title, Lil’ Kim delivered her Black Friday mixtape. After trading disses with Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Kim said she moved on from the beef. TMZ recently spoke to Lil’ Kim, though, and she talked about the influence she has had on Nicki Minaj.

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