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Lil’ Mo confirms reunion with Ja Rule via Instagram [PHOTO]

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Lil’ Mo confirms reunion with Ja Rule via Instagram [PHOTO]

With Ja Rule out of prison, a lot of fans have clamored in hopes for a reunion between him and Ashanti. Much of credit is given to Ashanti to being the Bonnie to Ja Rule’s Clyde. While it is true, it’s not the full story. Before Ashanti even came into the picture, Lil’ Mo was the original Bonnie and his first mainstream hits came alongside her.

However, Lil’ Mo was abruptly pushed to the side for Ashanti. She even ended up getting involved in a high-profile feud with Ja Rule. In the end, a bigger feud would do severe damage to Ja Rule’s career. The prison stint was rock bottom and Ja Rule has dug himself out in hopes of becoming stronger than ever.

Lil’ Mo recently took to her Instagram and she revealed some good news. With Ja Rule being a free man, he is doing his planned “Ja Rule and friends tour.” Fortunately for longtime Ja Rule fans, Lil’ Mo is back on the friends list. Via Instagram, Lil’ Mo announced she is reuniting with Ja Rule on the tour.

Lil' Mo Ja Rule tour


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