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Lil Reese confronts Joey Bada$$ on Twitter over “300K” post

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Lil Reese confronts Joey Bada$$ on Twitter over “300K” post

Lil Reese 2It’s a warzone in Chicago and they have taken it much deeper than the streets. A lot of the Chicago war plays out daily on Twitter. This is the forum where the Chicago rappers go after each other and the streets is where they hash it out, leading to YouTube videos being filmed before being shared on Twitter.

Joey Bada$$ is in the same age group as these Chicago rappers who are going off on each other. Recently, Joey Bada$$ reached a Twitter milestone when he crossed 300,000 followers on the social networking site. Getting that many Twitter followers is saying a lot, so Joey Bada$$ celebrated it.

Seeing Joey Bada$$ tweet 300K set off some red flags with Lil Reese and he wasted no time confronting the Brooklyn rapper. Instead of a war, he realized the rising phenom was celebrating crossing 300,000 Twitter followers. The brief exchanged immediately ended.

JB tweetJB tweet 2


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