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Lil Reese faces theft charge after purchasing BMW

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Lil Reese faces theft charge after purchasing BMW

Lil ReeseGBE is the most-controversial movement in the game right now. At the end of the day, people are having a hard time seeing a group of young guys be successful by being themselves. The GBE movement represents one of the most-violent cities in the world, which is Chicago, and it is reflected in the music.

Currently, Lil Reese is having success as a solo artist. Last summer, Lil Reese picked up enough buzz to get a deal with Def Jam. Life has definitely changed for Lil Reese and his dreams have come true, so he has taken this moment to splurge and indulge to get the best that life has to offer.

Lil Reese recently went to purchase a BMW and controversy surrounded this decision. It was in April when Lil Reese went to purchase the BMW. Today, he is facing theft charges because he provided false information and documentation to obtain the vehicle. Last summer, Lil Reese got into an altercation with a woman and plead not guilty.

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