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Lil’ Scrappy addresses “Trayvon Martin” song and George Zimmerman

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Lil’ Scrappy addresses “Trayvon Martin” song and George Zimmerman

Lil' Scrappy 3Social injustices are a way of life and for the most part, the world deals with it, but the callousness George Zimmerman has about killing Trayvon Martin is sickening. On this topic, most can agree that this was one of the worst random acts of violence. The worst part about it is how George Zimmerman has shown no remorse.

Trayvon Martin is someone few likely knew personally, if anyone. But, he represents what is this hip hop culture, as he was a seventeen year old young man. Most rappers have been touched by what happened and they have spoken up, with the latest being the rapper/reality TV star, Lil’ Scrappy, who released a song called “Trayvon Martin.”

Lil’ Scrappy made a lot of impact with the song and the content of it. Going a step further than Rick Ross, Lil’ Scrappy made direct threats to George Zimmerman. RumorFix reached out to Lil’ Scrappy and he released a statement in regards to his “Trayvon Martin” song and his feelings about Zimmerman.

Read Lil’ Scrappy’s statement below:

“I did this song because it doesn’t seem like anyone is stepping up to stand up against this racism. I have had a lot of time lately to read and think. If no one stands up we all are gonna fall.”


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