Lil Wayne assists Nicki Minaj on “Roman’s Revenge (remix)”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For most of 2010, Nicki Minaj has been the only female voice in the rap community. She was already popular on the mixtape scene over the past two years. But, Nicki Minaj shot to international fame after doing “My Chick Bad” and “Lil’ Freak.”

Soon, Nicki Minaj was back in the headlines when Lil’ Kim dissed her for not paying homage. Ironically, Nicki Minaj stated multiple times that she admired Lil’ Kim. But, this did not stop her idol from beating up on her throughout the summer.

Lil’ Kim called a truce in October 2010 and said she was moving on with her career. Right when Lil’ Kim called a truce, Nicki Minaj hit back. She released “Roman’s Revenge” with Eminem and re-ignited the feud.

Nicki Minaj said her only regret with Pink Friday was not being able to feature Lil Wayne. Recently, he fixed the situation when he recorded a verse for the remix of the song. His verse avoids dissing Lil’ Kim, but he continues his lyrical assault, which began late in 2006. There have been rumors of a remix to this song ever since Lil Wayne came out of prison. Yesterday, Lil Wayne ended the speculation and put it down.

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