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Lil Wayne explains feud with Jay-Z

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Lil Wayne explains feud with Jay-Z

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Before his career reached its current level, Lil Wayne tried to challenge Jay-Z. During the 2006-2007 period, Lil Wayne released several Jay-Z diss songs. All of these tracks were ignored by Jay-Z and he invited Lil Wayne to record on “Hello Brooklyn 2.0.”

Lil Wayne returned the favor on “Mr. Carter,” featuring Jay-Z, and sampling his line from “Lucky Me.” In 2009, Jay-Z released his comeback, The Blueprint 3. He featured Drake, who had recently signed with Young Money.

Birdman had many negative things to say about Jay-Z, following the release of his comeback album. Among the things he said, Birdman continued to claim his camp had more money than Jay-Z. A response finally came from Jay-Z on “H.A.M.” with his “baby money” diss.

Nearly nine months went by, without an official response from the Cash Money camp. Lil Wayne teamed up with Jadakiss and Drake for his “It’s Good” track. On the song, all three rappers are talking about hardships and how they overcome them. Lil Wayne has the final verse on the song and he uses it as an outlet to respond to Jay-Z’s “baby money” diss.

The diss turned heads and everyone has had something to say about it. Most rappers, including those signed to Cash Money, have said they want to see the beef. The reason many want the beef is because hip hop was established on competition. Recently, Lil Wayne fully addressed the Jay-Z diss and how he feels about the comments by outsiders.

Lil Wayne said there is no competition with rappers. According to the Young Money CEO, the gangsta rappers, skateboard rappers, and white rappers are all happy. Competition in hip hop died a long time ago, as Lil Wayne feels. Lil Wayne went on to say competition died with “them old ass rappers.” Now, says the ever-popular rapper, everyone is focused on making money and good music.

When asked about dissing Jay-Z, Lil Wayne said it is all in how a person interprets what he said. Wayne said he knows he will never be upset by a person’s reaction to anything he says. Because of this, Lil Wayne says what he wants to. Lil Wayne said every man has to face the consequences of what they do and he also said he knows there will not be any for his “It’s Good” song.

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