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Lil Wayne’s Facebook manager discusses Online Publicity Tactics

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Lil Wayne’s Facebook manager discusses Online Publicity Tactics

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The internet has become the great equalizer for anyone who wants a career in media. Anyone can create a quality website for well under $100 and the major companies have taken advantage. Hip hop has greatly benefited from the internet. Established stars have gained new advantages, while new stars have emerged.

Lil Wayne has been on top of the hip hop game for some time now and his online team revealed his secret. Before going to prison, Wayne filmed several music videos. Aside from the videos, he scheduled the release of his new singles. All of this helped him remain relevant.

But, Facebook is what truly kept Lil Wayne on top of the game, according to his team. Lil Wayne’s Facebook manager, Mazy Kazerooni, used Facebook to help with merchandising and to reach out to his millions of fans. Because of Kazerooni’s input, Lil Wayne holds the record for most Facebook “likes” in one day.

Not only did he use Facebook to sell Lil Wayne products, Mazy Kazerooni also used the social networking site to interact with fans. Kazerooni would post fan letters to Lil Wayne and then post Wayne’s written response to the fans. Early in Wayne’s prison sentence, not many people on the Young Money team even knew what Facebook was. However, Mazy Kazerooni’s quick thinking helped Lil Wayne to utilize the social network until he was once again a free man.

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