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Lish 2X Releases A New Album “The Ramadan Album”

Album Preview

Lish 2X Releases A New Album “The Ramadan Album”

Lish 2X has been making major moves in NYC especially after curating her very own album release party was co-curated by Sha Be the Culture Editor of The Source and sponsored by Ron-Dyce, a black-owned luxury fashion house on the rise. Lish 2X is positively impacting the NYC music scene with her new album “The Ramadan Album“. Her femininity and courageous topics bring forth a new movement that we must all keep an eye out for in female rap. It’s always inspiring to see artists use their platforms such as Lish2x to give some of her listeners The Ramadan Spirit for this Ramadan season and to promote everything that involves the season.

The current energy in NYC can be daunting and dark at times but Lish 2x has made a way to keep the positivity amongst others and many other cultural and religious backgrounds. Her new album titled “The Ramadan Album” is a 10-track project which takes you through her spiritual journey and sheds light on the Islamic rap scene. With an unbias approach she still comes together with many others.  Hip Hop Vibe was able to catch up with Lish2x and dove deeper into her new album.

AveryMsartistry: A New Moon Has A Creative Touch And It has a cool opening for the album; Was it intentional to release this knowing the New Moon is happening March 21st?

Lish2x: Yes, it was very intentional because the new moon begins a new month. That new month for us billions of Muslims on the planet is called Ramadan. This masterpiece is a Ramadan Album celebrating and speaking through relatable struggles that go on during this month.

AveryMsartistry: How has Ramadan helped your life overall?

Lish2x: For those that are unaware. Discipline. When you want to strengthen your will, you should fast. A real fast. 30 days can change your life around when you’ve built up your will.

AveryMsartistry: What nostalgic Hip Hop rapper or song impacted your sound and musical talent?

Lish2x: Ali The Greatest. His melodies just brought something different from my norm. I also have a lot of built-up emotion so it’s fed my hunger to do this thang for really pushing myself lyrically and still serving that charisma people love about Lish2x

AveryMsartistry: Call Out EID Mubarak ft Tone Trump how did that feature come about?

Lish2x: My producer, Ali The Greatest, called Tone and he then arose from hiding to bless a track in the 4th quarter. They have a good relationship. Tone Trump has always been a big brother to me so the collab was well overdue.

Watch her new visual for her debut track “Ramadan Gains”!

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