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Ludacris posts pic of $1 million bill on Instagram [PHOTO]

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Ludacris posts pic of $1 million bill on Instagram [PHOTO]

Ludacris 2One of the original hip hop moguls was Ludacris and he has had an impressive run in the business realm. Over the past few years, Ludacris has expanded dramatically from simply being a rapper. Now, Ludacris has his Conjure line and also his new headphone line.

Needless to say, there is a lot of money going into Ludacris’ bank account on a daily basis. Being a successful businessman, this is one of the perks of being one’s own boss, as the money is constantly coming in. Outside of business, Ludacris is a showman at heart.

Ludacris keeps his Instagram popping with plenty of funny and interesting posts, but sometimes, he just stunts. One of the latest Ludacris Instagram photos came on Christmas, a day for family and for friends to celebrate the year. In this photo, Ludacris posted a photo of a rare item of US currency, a $1 million bill.

Ludacris a milli


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