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Lupe Fiasco explains the Inauguration incident in Philadelphia [VIDEO]

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Lupe Fiasco explains the Inauguration incident in Philadelphia [VIDEO]

Lupe Fiasco 3To be an intellectual rapper, Lupe Fiasco is consistently doing stuff more hardcore than the gangsta rappers brag about. Sure, it takes guts to go out and sell drugs and hurt people, but it’s even gutsier to go out and diss the president. Lupe Fiasco has consistently dissed the president and they are from the same city.

Words are one thing, but actions are a whole other animal. Lupe Fiasco always said he would approach the president if he was ever given the chance to. For unknown reasons, Lupe Fiasco was booked in Washington, DC during the time of the president’s inauguration and he seized the moment.

Lupe Fiasco performed and got very disrespectful about the president, leading to him being removed from the stage. This moment is one that was not easily forgotten over the following eleven months. But, during his Philadelphia performance, Lupe Fiasco explained the situation.

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