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Lupe Fiasco responds to Chief Keef’s tweet, contemplates retirement on Twitter

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Lupe Fiasco responds to Chief Keef’s tweet, contemplates retirement on Twitter

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Six years ago, Nas proclaimed “hip hop is dead,” after the Crunk movement and ringtone rap had taken over the game. A bulk of the new artists who debuted in 2006 catered to this market, confirming the statements made by Nas. However, one glimmer of hope came in the form of Lupe Fiasco, who has become hip hop’s social conscience.

Over the course of the past six years, Lupe Fiasco has released three albums, with a fourth on the way, becoming a veteran in the game. Preparing to released Food & Liquor II, Lupe Fiasco finds himself the compass of hip hop, in a game dominated by gangsta rap. Chicago, Lupe Fiasco’s native city, is in the middle of a crisis, with so many shootings taking place, but is doing well in terms of hip hop.

Chief Keef has been a major reason for the resurgence in Chicago, along with the flurry of new music from both Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West. Lupe Fiasco has been making his rounds in promotion of his new album and has been asked about various topics. When asked about Chief Keef, Lupe Fiasco said his music scares him, given the dire state Chicago is in right now.

Earlier today, Chief Keef responded to Lupe Fiasco’s comments via Twitter, threatening to smack him when he sees him. Primarily a peaceful artist, Lupe Fiasco recently took to his Twitter to address the situation. Over the past few hours, Lupe Fiasco has made several tweets, with the final one indicating his retirement. Before the issues with Chief Keef, Lupe Fiasco revealed he was already working on his fifth studio album, which was set for a 2013 release date.

Read Lupe Fiasco’s tweets below:

“my father i have spoken the truth to them yet it has only made my life in this world more troubled. i can bear this no longer…”

“i have spoken peace only 2 receive vitriol and malice in return. My brother seeks destruction my sister seeks attention paths to nothingness”

“i’d die for them…but they’d probably spit on my grave…i still will die for them…just bury me in a place far from their reach…Amin”

“This album will probably be my last…its been a pleasure to have all my fans provide so much love an inspiration for me and my family”

“but my heart is broken and i see no comfort further along this path only more pain. I cannot participate any longer in this…”

“My first true love was literature so i will return to that…lupe fiasco ends here…”

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