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Lupe Fiasco talks backlash from negative Obama comments

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Lupe Fiasco talks backlash from negative Obama comments

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

“Gaza strip was gettin’ bombed, Obama didn’t say shit, that’s why I ain’t vote for ’em, the next one either,” Lupe Fiasco has made his feelings about President Obama clear. Coming into office in the worst economy since The Great Depression, Obama has fought an uphill battle. Given his racial background and his liberal stance, many would guess he would have no trouble winning over the urban audience, guess again.

Lupe Fiasco has called President Obama out several times over the past year, most notably on his single, “Words I Never Said,” from which some of those lyrics are posted above. Despite both being Chicago guys, Lupe Fiasco is unimpressed. However, many have grown to be upset with him over his comments about the president. Lupe Fiasco said he has been blackedballed ever since he called Obama the US’ biggest terrorist.

Through his lyrics, at times controversial, Lupe Fiasco has become one of hip hop’s most-recognized figures. His upcoming album, Food & Liquor II, is set for a September 25 release date.

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