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Luther Campbell announces 2 Live Crew reunion and Summer Tour

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Luther Campbell announces 2 Live Crew reunion and Summer Tour

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Since 2008, Luther Campbell has managed to keep himself in the news. In the late 1980s, Luther Campbell, then known as Uncle Luke, introduced the world to the Miami hip hop scene with his 2 Live Crew. Their lyrics are what led to the “parental advisory” sticker, which appears on explicit albums. Age and fatherhood have changed Uncle Luke, as he is now active in his community, running for mayor of Miami and trying to convince rappers who spend vacation time in Miami to give back.

While Luther Campbell will always support Miami, he has decided to go back to his roots. In the opening days of 2012, several rappers and groups, popular from past years, have decided to work on comeback material. This will be the case for Uncle Luke, as he is reuniting with the 2 Live Crew. Luther Campbell made this announcement during the Sundance Film Festival. Over the past few years, rappers have become more involved in filmmaking and Luther Campbell has also joined this with The Life and Freaky Times.

There is no new album in the works for the 2 Live Crew. Instead, the group will be reuniting to perform their old hits on tour. The same criticism the 2 Live Crew received during their initial run will again follow them on their tour. While the 2 Live Crew were indeed popular, there were many who were offended by their lyrics. Criticism is nothing Luther Campbell is worried about, as he is only interested in entertaining his fans. Campbell said the parents and grandparents need to know to not bring their children to his concerts.

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