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Mack Maine says Lil Chuckee could be ‘Another Wayne’

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Mack Maine says Lil Chuckee could be ‘Another Wayne’

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Earlier this week, footage of Lil Chuckee’s birthday party, which he spent with his Young Money family, surfaced onto the internet. During the party, Mack Maine spoke with MTV and he said he wants Lil Chuckee to follow Lil Wayne’s work ethic. In his opinion, Lil Chuckee could be another Wayne.

Already, Lil Chuckee is following in Lil Wayne’s footsteps. His latest mixtape, Twap or Die, features Chuckee rapping over industry beats. YC’s “Racks” was re-named “Twaps on Twaps” and he also flowed over Watch the Throne‘s “Niggas in Paris,” renaming the track “Niggas in Hawaii.”

Mack Maine said Lil Chuckee called him to inform him of his purchase of a studio. Mack was impressed by him not saying he was writing every day, but actually investing in himself and getting his own studio. Now, Mack Maine says Lil Chuckee is writing five to six songs on a daily basis.

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