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Mahershala Ali Cast as Blade in New Marvel Reboot #SDCC2019 [VIDEO]

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Mahershala Ali Cast as Blade in New Marvel Reboot #SDCC2019 [VIDEO]

Some more Marvel news coming out of San Diego Comic Con.

At the end of their Hall H panel, Marvel and Kevin Feige brought out Mahershala Ali and announced that he would be taking on the role of Blade in a new MCU reboot. The crowd erupted in cheers and applause when they Ali put on a hat with the ‘Blade’ logo.

Blade has had a long and treasured history with Marvel. It follows the story of Eric Brooks, who was half-human-half vampire. This comic book property saved Marvel back in the day when the company was nearly bankrupt and out of business.

There were a lot of risks, at the time. Comic books weren’t taken as serious at the time as feature films. It had a black led in the protagonist role. It was also the first ever R-rated comic movie, starring Wesley Snipes. thankfully it was hit and really grandfathered much of what we see today with comic books movies being the hottest ticket in town. No one is besmirching the great performance and legacy Snipes cemented with the Blade. Many online are even saying that it will not be right if Marvel doesn’t include Snipes in this new iteration of the famous day walking vampire.

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