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Man gets slapped for making noise when Beyonce said “mute,” during her recent concert [VIDEO]

Man gets slapped for disobeying Beyonce’s mute orders

Beyonce has done astounding numbers, with the Renaissance tour. In addition, she has a movement going along with her shows. During each show, Beyonce has a moment when she commands her crowd to “mute.” When she tells people to mute, she is asking every member in the audience to be quiet. While most people do it, some people find it funny to keep making noise. A recent show saw a man do this. As a result, someone ended up slapping the man.

Beyonce, technically, has been in the industry for twenty six years. “Technically” comes about, because the first six years saw Bey as a member of Destiny’s Child. In 2003, Beyonce made her solo debut, and was instantly the number one artist in the music industry. For twenty years, she’s held this position, regardless of whether she actually releases music. Her fan base is so solid that people actually beg her to deliver new music.

Beyonce has one of the most dedicated fan bases of all-time. As a result, people need to be on their best behavior at one of her concerts. Recently, Beyonce returned to her native Texas to do a show. Like she does with all of her shows, she commanded her crowd to “mute.” Most fans have made this into the #mutechallenge. As a result, some people intentionally make noise. When one man did it, he found himself on the receiving end of a slap from a fan not playing those games.

Source: The Neighborhood Talk

Man gets slapped for disobeying Beyonce’s mute orders

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