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Man runs over his own mother, while she’s sitting on her porch [VIDEO]

Man runs over his mother while she’s sitting on her porch

In Fort Wayne, Indiana, there is an unbelievable incident that took place. For reasons unknown, a man ran over his own mother with his car. The mother was sitting in a lawn chair in front of her home, as her son came speeding through the yard. After that, he made contact with her, causing her to fly through her own front yard.

No family is perfect and, behind the scenes, every family has disagreements. However, it is rare for a mother and a son to have issues that run this deep. Also, people may have deep fantasies about airing out their issues with loved ones. But the reality of what that would do ends up stopping people from doing something that’s too drastic.

An Indiana man has landed himself in a world of trouble. Young men are always taught to protect their mothers and all other women. However, this Fort Wayne man decided the rules didn’t apply to his mother. As a result, he ran over her while she was sitting in her yard. The man came speeding through with his car and hit her. Thankfully, the mother survived the impact.


Man runs over his mother while she’s sitting on her porch

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