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Nashville man tossed over $250,000 worth of food at Kroger in the trash, because it cluttered the freezers
Man trashes $250K worth of food at Kroger

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Nashville man tossed over $250,000 worth of food at Kroger in the trash, because it cluttered the freezers

Man trashes $250K worth of food at Kroger

Everybody has weird quirks, but not everybody acts on them. However, under the right circumstances, a person might end up acting on a weird quirk. Apparently, this man who visited a Kroger, in Nashville, Tennessee, had a weird OCD case going on. Whatever he had going on, this man was arrested yesterday, and is charged with vandalism. This came after he destroyed $250,000 worth of Kroger’s food.

The man, Darius Coleman, saw the frozen food in the freezers, and didn’t like the clutter. As a result, he made it his mission to solve the problem. The only issue is that Kroger, like most grocery stores, have their food on display for the customers to grab, and buy. So, when a person comes into the store, and removes items, they become liable for them. This is a lesson Darius Coleman learned the wrong way.

When Darius Coleman entered a Nashville Kroger, he decided to dispose of the frozen food. He ended up doing away with $250,000 worth of food. As a result, Coleman was arrested, and Kroger pushed for him to be charged with vandalism. Coleman said he was only trying to declutter the freezer. Despite his arrest, and the charges, Coleman said he stands by this decision.

Source: Scoop Nashville

Man trashes $250K worth of food at Kroger



  1. Jessica Kelley

    March 5, 2023 at 7:02 am

    I find it really odd that a. Customer was able to remove a quarter of a million dollars of food from the freezer section. Not the whole store just the freezer section and somehow was able to make it to a dumpster without being stopped. I mean are there dumpsters at Kroger big enough for that? How was he able to do this without being stopped early into his mission because that would of took some time? Again I am also confused about where all this went in the trash bc that had to be a huge obstacle to keep getting all that food from point a to pt b. I’m sure there is more to this bc during all the time it would have taken then I feel it’s on Kroger to stop him early on bot just wait until a quarter mill worth of food has made its way to the trash. If he was just rearranging then I call BS on the trashed charge. I seriously think Kroger should blame themselves for this

  2. heck no

    March 5, 2023 at 7:36 am

    How did he declutter?
    Did he just throw it on the floor?
    Article seems to lack something!

  3. Karen Lee

    March 5, 2023 at 5:05 pm

    In many cases the employees are not allowed to put hands on a customer. Police response is sometimes weak when they consider it “just property” and they may be busy dealing with another more violent situation elsewhere. When people do these kinds of things, it is rarely a surprise. This nut-job probable has done other stupid stuff and got away with it. After spending time in jail, some of these nutters control themselves a little better, but they should be on manditory medications to control their impulses. No consequences – no change.

    • Michele Owens

      March 6, 2023 at 8:53 pm

      “Nut job”? “Nutters”? You’ve obviously never had a friend or relative with a serious mental illness. Shame on you for being so lacking in empathy…either that, or you’re just plain ignorant or mean-spirited.

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