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Memphis rapper, Maude Mulan, makes diss track about Tommie #LHHATL [VIDEO]

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Memphis rapper, Maude Mulan, makes diss track about Tommie #LHHATL [VIDEO]

On May 12th, 2018 Brittany Carruthers known by her rap name Maude Mulan says that Tommie took her shade line idea and ran off with it. A few months ago, Tommie allegedly went live on Instagram with Karlie Redd. Maude commented on the live Instagram feed with her website to her shade line several times. Tommie continued to go live and never responded to any of Maude’s comments. A few days after the live Instagram stream, Maude sent Tommie a direct message. Maude remained professional when addressing Tommie. She offered to send her free product to her PO box in hopes she would accept the offer and give her credit for the shade line. Tommie read the message but never responded. Even T.I’s daughter Deyjah Harris gave Maude credit, and shouted her out on one of her Instagram stories. KILT was reported by sources to be a shade line by Tommie Lee. In fact, when Google searching the line, nothing pops up! Maybe that’s why she felt the urge to take something great that wasn’t hers. Maude created the shade line back in September of 2016 and women from all over the world are demanding a pair of the famous shades. On comment threads, people want to know how they can get a pair of the stylish shades. And another thing, how do you battle with a person trying to make an honest living but send for your brother to speak on your behalf?! That doesn’t seem very smart. Below you can see the comment made by her brother. Can she really fight her own battles? Maybe she really isn’t about that life at all. She took to Twitter on May 13th about Maude! Shots were definitely fired. You can see below what was said about her. On May 12th, she posted on Twitter and Instagram a photo wearing the shade design by Maude Mulan.

You make your judgement! Was Tommie in the wrong?


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