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Migos perform in Chicago, despite Chief Keef’s warnings [VIDEO]

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Migos perform in Chicago, despite Chief Keef’s warnings [VIDEO]

Migos 6Despite once collaborating with Migos, Chief Keef has made it clear he does not like them nor does he like their movement. He says the basis of his argument is them “sneak dissing,” which Chief Keef said early on he doesn’t like. Last month, Chief Keef warned the Migos to stay out of Chicago.

Migos, surely, have their own form of security and they have their own fan base in the city of Chicago. When they were booked to perform in Chicago, they answered the call, just as they would any other show. Over the weekend, the Migos performed in Chicago.

Upon hitting Chicago, the Migos were not met with any opposition. The same could not be said for one of their Atlanta counterparts. But, in the case of Migos, they performed their show and nothing out of the ordinary took place with the trio while they were in one of the most-violent cities in the world.

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