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Migos talk “Versace” with Drake on MTV News [VIDEO]

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Migos talk “Versace” with Drake on MTV News [VIDEO]

Migos 3Much love to the Migos of Atlanta because they always show love. Humility gets people far in life and hip hop is no different. So, if anyone questions why the Atlanta trio, Migos, are winning, it is because of how humble they are. Recently, Migos scored a major hit in the form of “Versace,” with Drake.

Over the past few months, Migos have popped up on many high-profile mixtapes. But, when they dropped “Versace” through the mixtape circuits, they threw people for a loop with their featured guest. Drake has made his way through the game, but him teaming up with the Migos was unexpected.

Connecting all the dots, TakeOff and Quavo talked to MTV News about “Versace” and how it came together. They explained “Versace” and spoke on their upcoming new music, which is something to look out for. Migos announced upcoming work with Soulja Boy and Riff Raff.

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