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Nas announces Las Vegas sneaker store via Twitter

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Nas announces Las Vegas sneaker store via Twitter

Nas 5By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Business was never really viewed as a strong suit for Nas. Instead, the Queens emcee was known for his lyrical prowess. Coming off one of 2012’s best albums, Nas has decided to step into the business arena with ventures all over the place. Nas did something no rapper can boast about, he had dinner with Mark Zuckerberg.

Recently, Nas made headlines when it was announced that he would be purchasing ownership in Mass Appeal magazine. Since this announcement was made, Mass Appeal has gone through a major turnaround. Despite being a rapper, Nas always had interest in the media.

Media is not Nas’ only interest, however. In the past, Nas had several sneaker deals that all ended for various reasons. This is a venture Nas is looking to get back into and recently made plans to get back in this game. Nas took to his Twitter to announce he has a sneaker store coming soon to Las Vegas.

Read Nas’ tweet below:

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