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Nas’ Calabasas home gets broken into, by two men; At least two bags full of items stolen
Nas' Calabasas home gets burglarized 

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Nas’ Calabasas home gets broken into, by two men; At least two bags full of items stolen

Nas’ Calabasas home gets burglarized 

Los Angeles and its surrounding areas have unfortunately seen a lot of celebrity home break-ins, over the last five years. This weekend, Nas ended up becoming one of them.

According to TMZ, Nas’ Calabasas home was burglarized. This occurred on November 12, around 8:30PM PT. Two men were able to make their way inside, as a result of breaking a rear door. A Ring Camera was soon thankfully able to alert Nas’ team about what just happened, though.

The two burglars ended up being spotted by Nas’ team, as police were called to the scene. They were able to flee by the time that they arrived, though. As for items that were stolen, it’s still unclear what exactly was. Two bags full of items ended up being stolen, though. The home ended up being left a mess inside, as well.

As of now, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is investigating this burglary. At the time of the incident, Nas was in NYC, for his “King’s Disease III” album release party. This project was released on Friday, as 16 new songs were available. Hit-Boy produced this album for Nas again, as they’ve become one of the best rapper/producer duos, since 2020. Their first King’s Disease album also won a Grammy for Best Rap Album, in the spring of 2021.

Nas’ Calabasas home gets burglarized 

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