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Nelly’s music is selling for only $0.49 at Best Buy?

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Nelly’s music is selling for only $0.49 at Best Buy?

Nelly 6At the turn of the century, several stars emerged and began dominating radio and having massive record sales. The biggest ones were Nelly, Ludacris, Eminem, and Ja Rule. All of them have experienced consistent declines since the year of 2000, but it is hard to judge which one was worst.

Out of all of them, Nelly had the most success from 2000 through 2002, going diamond with his albums and having consistent number one hits. Since 2002, Nelly has gone on a steady decline. Years later, his albums have trouble crossing the 400,000 mark in sales.

Recently, a photo hit the internet of Nelly’s collection of music in Best Buy. There is a chance this image could be altered, but the front of it has a stamp that says the price of the CD is $0.49. If this is indeed the case, it does reflect the poor sales from Nelly over the past decade and some change.

Nelly 49c


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