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Nicki Minaj shares video with Drake’s mother and calls her “ex-mom in law” [VIDEO]" />

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Nicki Minaj shares video with Drake’s mother and calls her “ex-mom in law” [VIDEO]

Nicki Minaj calls Drake's mother her ex mom-in-lawNicki Minaj calls Drake’s mother her ex mom-in-law

Nicki Minaj and Drake joined Young Money in 2009. The following summer, both released their official debut singles, and never looked back. With Drake, he broke through with “Find Your Love,” his R&B ballad. Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj had her breakout moment with “Your Love.” Back then, HHV said Young Money has fallen in love and it was mostly true.

Nicki Minaj came in and she took over the game in more ways than one. People forget Nicki Minaj is the reason for a lot of trends that these women follow. When Nicki Minaj emerged, she was pretty with a nice body. It was a rarity for a woman to be as proportioned as she is. Of course, that caused a lot of debate.

Nicki Minaj had Drake absolutely sprung, however. On “Miss Me,” Drake said he loved Nicki Minaj, and even said he would marry her. This is something Nicki Minaj took him up on and she made Drake marry her in the “Moment 4 Life” music video, and some fans thought it was real. Early in his career, Drake was often emotional, so people could not tell what was really going on. When Drake held the Young Money reunion, fans were reminded of this.

Nicki Minaj recently reunited with the woman who gave birth to Drake. In addition to having a nice reunion with Drake, she also got to spend time with his mother. Always a jokester, Nicki Minaj poked fun at those old Drake rumors. During the video, Nicki Minaj referred to her as her “mom,” before interrupting herself. After that, Nicki Minaj said she is her “ex mom-in-law,” referring to her history with Drake.

Nicki Minaj calls Drake’s mother her ex mom-in-law

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