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Nicki Minaj responds to Ransom’s disses with TMZ [VIDEO]

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Nicki Minaj responds to Ransom’s disses with TMZ [VIDEO]

Nicki Minaj 7If Nicki Minaj taught anything on “American Idol,” it was do NOT piss her off, yet people try to anyway. Jersey City rapper, Ransom, has gone around making claims that he used to ghostwrite for Nicki Minaj. Ransom is a mixtape rapper who has had minimal success and he claims he helped Nicki Minaj blow up.

Of course, when word got back to Nicki Minaj, she was going to respond to him. More than any other rapper in the game, Nicki Minaj has faced all kinds of scrutiny. Ranging from her date of birth to her body to her lyrics, Nicki Minaj is always criticized and it comes from being successful.

TMZ recently caught up with Nicki Minaj and they asked her how she felt about Ransom claiming he ghostwrote her songs. Nicki Minaj questioned how when she raps better than him and she said she’s not even a man and people are on her dick. She went on to ask why wack rappers claim to write her music.

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