Nicki Minaj Salutes Rihanna on Reaching Billionaire Status – “Dat Bag is a Different Size”

On Wednesday, Rihanna was officially certified as a billionaire, by Forbes. Rih has been regarded as a legend by many of her fans around the world, and critics as a whole. Over the past five years, she’s also built an empire with her Fenty brand, having much success with products such as lingeries, skincare, and makeup.

This accomplishment officially made Rihanna the wealthiest female music artist in the world, and is the second richest female entertainer, right behind Oprah. Social media rejoiced, after Rihanna reached this $1.7 billion mark, including Nicki Minaj, as they’ve collaborated several times. Nicki took to her Instagram stories to applaud Rih for this milestone.

“a BILLI-ON here, a BILLI-ON there- Little Bajan bih w/ green [eyes] – dat bag is a different size, said Nicki.”

In addition to Rihanna becoming a billionaire, she also announced this week that her own Fenty perfume is on the way. It is called Fenty Parum.

Nicki has had a very impressive 2021 as well. In May, she finally put out her classic 2009 “Beam Me Up Scotty” mixtape, with new songs included, such as “Fractions” and “Seeing Green” feat. Drake and Lil Wayne.

Check out Nicki Minaj showing Rihanna love, for becoming a billionaire, below.

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