Nikki Thot attacks her ex-husband in front of his mom and the internet says he set her up by having his White mom cry on camera, while he antagonized her [VIDEO]

Nikki Thot attacks her ex husband in front of his mom

Nikki Thot has risen to become one of the biggest vloggers on the internet. However, her rise was met with much scrutiny. She was originally married to Jamie Perkins and he faced criticism for marrying her when he was in his mid-twenties. Meanwhile, Nikki was only around eighteen years old, or so. But, the two have divorced, and they have kids together. This afternoon, Jamie released footage of Nikki attacking him, right in front of his mother. However, he is facing criticism for this.

Nikki Thot is definitely one of the more recognizable YouTubers. Alongside her ex, Jamie Perkins, they are two well-known people. During their time together, their relationship did receive a lot of scrutiny. It wasn’t so much the age difference, as it was the ages they were when they got together. A few years ago, the couple called it quits. Yesterday, Jamie released a video, which explains why he ended his marriage to Nikki.

Nikki Thot currently is trending on social media, after a video of her attacking Jamie. He is her ex-husband and he was filming her, while she was going off. While she was attacking Jamie, his mother was crying. As a result, people are questioning why he continued recording Nikki. In the comments, people are saying Jamie did this to ensure he’d have custody over the child. With Nikki, a Black woman, going off on Jamie, a White man, plus his mother crying, people are accusing him of provoking her.


Nikki Thot attacks her ex husband in front of his mom

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