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Nipsey Hussle and DJ Skee talk partnership and Maybach Music with XXL

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Nipsey Hussle and DJ Skee talk partnership and Maybach Music with XXL

By The Hip Hop Writer
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Yesterday, Nipsey Hussle and DJ Skee announced their partnership. With DJ Skee’s popularity on the internet, Nipsey Hussle reached out to him. DJ Skee agreed to handle brand development and marketing for the West Coast rapper. Skee Music and Skee TV have partnered with Nipsey’s companies, All Hustle, and his Crenshaw clothing line.

During their interview with XXL, they were asked why they decided to enter a partnership. The reason Nipsey Hussle decided to partner with DJ Skee was because his movement, both Skee Music and Skee TV, compliment his movement. Nipsey Hussle said DJ Skee has built a home for the independent artists with Skee TV.

DJ Skee said he has been a fan and supporter of Nipsey Hussle since day one. But, he thought long and hard before entering a business relationship with the rapper. However, after doing a corporate campaign with Nipsey Hussle and LG, they held a mixtape signing and several fans showed up. At the time, they had not even done much promotion, so it was amazing so many people showed up.

Because he had done so much on his own, DJ Skee felt it would be great for the duo to join forces. The two have decided to come together to do things the majors already do, but from an independent standpoint. DJ Skee said working with Nipsey Hussle is much more than the music, as his clothing line will also play an important role. Nipsey Hussle discussed his past record deal, signing a deal with Epic Records in 2007, but he saw his online work had benefited more than his deal, so he left the label when they showed little interest in pushing his project.

When asked why he decided to team up with Nipsey Hussle, DJ Skee said it was all about the music before anything else. DJ Skee credited the work ethic Nipsey Hussle has and said artists still have to push themselves just as hard. Before the end of this year, DJ Skee said they hope to release an album from Nipsey Hussle, even if it is an independent album. Nipsey Hussle had been working on a new mixtape, which was to be named South Central State of Mind, but the title is subject to change.

Nipsey Hussle said he will release the mixtape before the album. When he was asked about a potential deal with Maybach Music, Nipsey Hussle said he is a fan of the movement, but he cannot divulge any details.

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