N’jaila Rhee blasts Elon James White, while Twitter is roasting him over his racist Thanksgiving story, as she accuses him of using black women, not paying her for her work, and shaming her for once being a sex worker

Every November, Elon James White, a prominent media mogul/personality gets clowned by Twitter. A black media figure, his story on an experience of racism didn’t go over too well. He spoke of how his girlfriend’s parents didn’t let him inside on Thanksgiving.

Despite being denied entry, due to being black, Elon James White sat in the car, with no complaints. To his aid, Elon James White said black women came. Every year, he gets roasted for this story, and he has deactivated his Twitter, this year.

However, a black woman who actually worked with him did not see pleasure in him being roasted for roast’s sake. N’jaila Rhee came with an actual story about him, of her experiences. This was more of a drag, as she accused White of shaming her for her sex worker past, making her work for free, and having emotional outbursts over minor mistakes.


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