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Nya Lee tells story about her neck scar with Vlad TV [VIDEO]

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Nya Lee tells story about her neck scar with Vlad TV [VIDEO]

Nya Lee Vlad TVOne of the most-interesting and entertaining new stars on VH1 is Nya Lee. People who are familiar with the New York City strip club scene should know who Nya Lee is, as this is her background. Recently, Nya Lee transitioned into making music, which is the basis of her role on “Love & Hip Hop.”

Already, Nya Lee has gained a prominent role on the series with her ongoing rivalry with resident star, Erica Mena. In a recent episode, Nya Lee also got in an argument with Tahiry Jose, which Erica Mena witnessed. But, Nya Lee is definitely an interesting addition to the show.

Vlad TV had the opportunity to sit Nya Lee on the couch and she spoke about something that has caused a lot of attention. There are many people who have questioned Nya Lee about her neck scar. She told Vlad TV the full story about the scar on her neck and why she still has it.

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