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Oakland riots over George Zimmerman verdict [PHOTOS]

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Oakland riots over George Zimmerman verdict [PHOTOS]

In the weeks leading up to last night, a lot of people on social media threatened to riot in the event of George Zimmerman getting off. Coming as a surprise to no one, Zimmerman was found not guilty of all his charges. Officially a free man, a lot of hearts are broken. Especially the family of Trayvon Martin.

Although few people outside of Trayvon Martin’s circle of friends and family knew him, the hip hop community has nothing but love for him and his family. Life is so precious and his was taken away so carelessly. Trayvon Martin supporters in Oakland have taken to the streets.

The worst part about riots is how people angrily destroy their own neighborhoods. With the way the 1992 Los Angeles Riots turned out, most considered this type of activism a thing of the past. Wrong, as the people in Oakland who support Trayvon Martin have taken to the streets.

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