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Overweight DoorDash driver fell while delivering food and broke a customer’s porch railing [VIDEO]

Overweight DoorDash driver falls while delivering food

With so much technology, there have been too many changes to keep count. Most of these changes have made life more convenient for others. However, these changes have also created new challenges. So, things like DoorDash make it where people can get delivery from any restaurant. But, the challenge comes when an employee ends up damaging a person’s home. Recently, this took place, as a woman delivering for DoorDash fell and broke a customer’s porch railing.

These new technology-based services have created all kinds of situations. Such rideshare companies, mainly Uber and Lyft, are tech-based. While the idea is innovative, how a driver for those companies insures their cars are a bit tricky. Even though DoorDash isn’t the same type of company as those rideshare, it has those same limitations. The technology is advanced, but the liabilities are the same, and not known until a problem is presented.

Given the price that this person had to pay, they probably wished they had gotten their own food. But, the person who ended up ordering DoorDash probably ended up also having to pay for a new porch railing. The delivery person who was working for DoorDash happened to be overweight. As a result, the woman was dragging up the porch. When she leaned on the porch’s railing, it collapsed, and the woman fell. There are arguments on both side in regards to who’s liable in a situation like that.


Overweight DoorDash driver falls while delivering food

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