Paparazzi cuts Shannon Sharpe off when Selena Gomez walks by [VIDEO]

Paparazzi cuts Shannon Sharpe off as Selena Gomez walks by

Shannon Sharpe is one of the biggest names in sports media. When he decided to leave “Undisputed,” there was a lot of talk. During his farewell episode, Sharpe gave much credit to Skip Bayless. However, in the months leading up to his departure, people accused Skip of bullying Shannon. In one episode, Shannon did call Skip out. Now, he is with Stephen A. Smith on Skip’s old ESPN stomping grounds. Also, more recently, Sharpe was speaking to the paparazzi, when they cut him, mid-sentence to film Selena Gomez.

Shannon Sharpe definitely is a major figure in the world of sports. However, Selena Gomez is a huge deal in the overall world of entertainment. As both an actress and a musician, Gomez has put in work. Her career is now spanning well over ten years. So, she is showing both star power and staying power. This is something that wasn’t as common with entertainers in eras prior to hers. In addition, Selena Gomez made some investments that have placed her close to being a billionaire.

Shannon Sharpe took the time out to speak to the paparazzi. Their questions centered around Shannon’s opinions on things going on in the sports world. Just as Sharpe was expounding on his thoughts, the photographer asked him to hold on. After that, the photographer apologized, and then shifted the camera. Selena Gomez was walking by and they began recording her. In addition, they threw some questions out to her.


Paparazzi cuts Shannon Sharpe off as Selena Gomez walks by

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